What you get in a kit ?

  • The birthday games matching to the selected theme,
  • The organization of birthday games,
  • The birthday party invitation cards,
  • Check-list before the D day,
  • The complete shopping list,
  • Cocktails ideas and recipes,
  • All the games and accessories ready to print,
  • Souvenirs and accessories,
  • A total amount of more than 40 pages in each Kit !...
  • Go through a demo kit
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How to use the kit ?

It is easy to use, all you need for the party and the birthday games of your child comes to you, in a digital form : the child’s birthday kit is instantaneously sent through mail, you only need to print it.  
how to use the birthday party kitEach kit for your child’s birthday contains all the material, the ideas and the organization for the birthday party of your child.

Practical aspect : the child birthday games kit is instantaneously sent by e-mail, you only need to print it!

With more than 40 pages, you can discover :

  • The invitations cards for the birthday party of your child:from the beginning, put the guests in the atmosphere of the birthday party with our thematic birthday invitation cards,

  • The accessories for birthday games: welcome your little guests with disguises and accessories matching the theme of the games and of the birthday party. Then, after getting ready, they can go for adventure and they will take with them lots of souvenirs (medals, jewels, hats, certificate ... etc …) !

How to use the kit ?

  • The instructions for the birthday games : a full guide for the birthday games with the text of the organizer, the instructions of the game and the annexes to print for the kids

  • The check list before and during the birthday party:D-15, D-7, D-3, etc...everything is ready, you only need to tick things ready to be sure you don't forget anything for a successful birthday party!,

  • Your shopping list is ready: easy for you to shop without forgetting anything and make it easy for you just before the birthday party !

Birthday party games suitable for children from 5 to 11 years old
Duration of the birthday day: 2 h 30 to 3 h

FunnyBirthdayParty.com: 20 $ for a successfull birthday without stress!

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To finish,before your purchase, do not hesitate to download our demo kit free of charge (from cook birthday party kit).

You will then have access to a complete kit from the first to the last page.
Ps: some pages are reduced, but visible in A4 format in the paying kits

demo kit Click here to discover our demo kit.

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