What you get in a kit ?

  • The birthday games matching to the selected theme,
  • The organization of birthday games,
  • The birthday party invitation cards,
  • Check-list before the D day,
  • The complete shopping list,
  • Cocktails ideas and recipes,
  • All the games and accessories ready to print,
  • Souvenirs and accessories,
  • A total amount of more than 40 pages in each Kit !...
  • Go through a demo kit
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Why a birthday party kit ?

Thanks to the birthday party kit, organize by yourself, the party and the birthday games of your child , withno stress and at low cost : save time on the birthday organization of your child and focus on what is essential.
why kit birthday party To organize a birthday party for your child needs some time, ideas and organization.

You can hire animator, which can be very expensive, or you can print a practical turn-key birthday games kit.... it Is a much more affordable option and often much more appreciated by the children and their parents..

In this birthday games kit, everything is ready to use, from the shopping list to the birthday games cards together with the accessories and the decoration !
You only have to print for getting a full kit of more than 40 pages !!

birthday party kit

Choosing a turn-key child’s birthday games kit is:
  • -organizing the birthday party withno stress,
  • - beiing sure that the children will enjoy the games and the party,
  • - focusing on what matters for the birthday party of your child
  • - saving time and money

For 20 dollars, a birthday games kit, all in one, to organize for your child an unforgettable birthday party with no stress !! 

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